Get a perfect tan with DAY+ sun supplements

Obtenez un bronzage parfait avec les compléments solaires DAY+
1 Min Published the 10 July 2023

DAY+ is a quality brand, offering a range of sunscreen products and tanning supplements to enhance your complexion all year round. Our formulas, based on natural ingredients, are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

DAY+ ensures optimal protection against UV rays while providing essential nutrients for an even and natural tan. Discarding traditional methods of prolonged exposure to the sun or artificial UV light, which can damage the skin and increase the risk of cancer, DAY+ offers you a safe and effective alternative.

Discover our range of French products developed with the support of an expert laboratory committed to natural and holistic beauty.

Sun Protection and Food Supplements

DAY+ is developing a range of products adapted to different skin types and preferences, for a perfect tan in all circumstances. For everyday use or for special occasions, we offer a variety of solutions to meet specific skin needs.

For travelers, travel sets are available , guaranteeing optimal protection during your adventures.

One of the latest additions to the range are UV Drops SPF 50 , providing maximum protection against harmful UV rays. Easy to use, this product can be mixed with other skincare products or used alone.

For sensitive skin, there are also vegetable capsules providing essential nutrients for a natural and healthy tan. Thanks to the complete range of DAY+ products, enjoy the sun without fearing the harmful effects on your skin.