What is Selenium?

Qu'est-ce que le Sélénium ?
1 Min Published the 23 March 2022

The benefits of selenium for the skin

Selenium is an antioxidant trace element helping to neutralize the acceleration of cellular aging. It also helps regenerate vitamin C, which has both an antioxidant and protective action for cells against oxidative stress. Selenium facilitates tanning and helps limit sunburn (it does not require sunscreen).

What sources of selenium should you use to boost the radiance of your skin from the inside?

Selenium is found mainly in seafood. Selenium as a food supplement is also very beneficial for the skin.

The Preparator treatment contains selenium as well as essential active ingredients for tanning preparation such as beta-carotene, sunflower and coconut oils, vitamins A, E and C, copper and zinc. This synergy will allow you to protect your skin from the sun while stimulating its tan from the inside.

I discover the natural alternative to self-tanner

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