Where to find natural probiotics in your diet?

Où trouver des probiotiques naturels dans son alimentation ?
4 Min Published the 4 February 2022

Intestinal balance and microbiota are closely linked to health in general but also to the beauty of the skin. For a radiant complexion , probiotics are your allies! But where can you find them naturally in your diet? Deciphering their action on the immune system and the best sources of probiotics natural…

Probiotics, kesako?

Probiotics are live microorganisms, bacteria or yeast. Naturally present in our body, probiotics boost health and immune system . In addition, they greatly influence the quality of the skin, but also the moral . Indeed, the intestine is our second brain. Made up of a multitude of nerve endings, the microbiota The intestinal tract sends messages to the brain through the release of molecules and hormones, such as that of stress. Thus, the intestine plays a crucial role in the functioning of our brain and our well-being .

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The role of probiotics in the intestinal microbiota

Probiotics play a fundamental role in the digestive, immune and nervous systems. Indeed, 70% of the immune system is governed by the intestines, and 200 million neurons are sheltered by the enteric nervous system. 95% of the serotonin is produced by the intestine: serotonin is the hormone happiness . Probiotics then play a major role in digestive comfort, good health of the microbiota intestinal, maintaining a slim waist... But also the well-being general as well as beauty of the skin , which is our largest organ. It is therefore essential to pamper your body by regularly consuming foods rich in probiotics!

Food sources of natural probiotics

Probiotic drinks

Fermented drinks like kefir where the kombucha are natural sources of probiotics that are very healthy for the body. They're also great alternatives to overly sweet sodas. They are most often found infused with fruits such as lemon, figs, orange, or even hibiscus flowers. These drinks provide your body with good bacteria to strengthen the immune system, promote good digestion and digestive comfort.

natural probiotics kefir kombucha

Beer yeast

Brewer's yeast is an excellent superfood for skin , the nails and the hair thanks to its content B vitamins and zinc . It promises better digestion, more radiant skin and shinier hair and nails. It is found in unpasteurized beers as well as in brewer's yeast flakes, to sprinkle on its salads And soups ! It also replaces parmesan in the seasoning of your dishes. An excellent lactose-free alternative, although to be avoided in case of gluten intolerance.

Soy derivatives

Soy is an excellent source of natural probiotics. Heading towards Asian flavors with the soup miso , the shoyu but also the tempeh where the tamari . They enhance your dishes with a delicious exotic touch. All are excellent sources of probiotics and protein. Also ideal as part of a vegetarian diet!

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Pickled vegetables

Vegetables are most often eaten raw or cooked, but we tend to forget about marinated vegetables. THE cabbage naturally provides probiotics to the body. It is eaten in salads or hot dishes in winter. Thus, the Sauerkraut is rich in vitamins C, B and K, and low in calories. We also find the kimchi (spicy marinated cabbage from Asia), olives, pickles or pickles, for gourmet and healthy aperitifs!

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Foods that unbalance the intestinal flora

With a diet rich in probiotics, the intestinal microbiota regains its balance. Stress hormones decrease and we find a more serene state of mind thanks to a reduction in cortisol (the stress hormone), and by boosting the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone). To strengthen your intestinal flora sustainably, the ideal is to avoid artificial sugars, highly processed foods, antibiotics and alcohol. Indeed, the latter disrupt the balance of the intestinal flora, weaken the immune system and create skin inflammation .

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