Postpartum hair loss

La perte de cheveux post partum
1 Min Published the 15 April 2022

Among the many upheavals that a woman experiences during pregnancy, postpartum hair loss is certainly one of the most common symptoms.

Caused by fluctuating hormones, hair loss can be global or localized at the front of the forehead, which can cause worry, stress and a lack of self-confidence.

Generally, this hair loss does not last more than three months.

During this period when the body undergoes major changes, the hair is weakened and sensitized. This is why our hair duo composed of a food supplement and a lotion will act in perfect synergy to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss. Its natural and highly dosed ingredients will provide the strength necessary for hair to thicken again and regain its vitality. Thanks to AnaGainTM, a patented active ingredient with clinically proven effectiveness, the first results are visible from the first month of treatment.

Our hair duo is the most powerful solution to effectively combat postpartum hair loss and regain healthy-looking hair.

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