Icon of the month February 2023: Vanessa Pinoncely

Vanessa Pinoncely
3 Min Published the 14 February 2023

What made you want to get into entrepreneurship?
After 7 years spent at Vogue Paris dealing with the “watchmaking-jewellery” sector and after the birth of my son, I wanted independence and created my own brand to rediscover the style of jewelry that I loved so much...

Why jewelry and where do you find your inspiration?
I have always been fascinated by jewelry and have always worn it. Thanks to my years spent in the women's press, I met a lot of brands, both those from Place Vendôme and smaller designers, it was fascinating! Having a pronounced taste for vintage jewelry inspired by the royal courts of the 18th century, I launched my first collection in 2011 on the theme of medallions, cabochons and old engravings. Twelve years later, the style has evolved and the collections are now more inspired by our travels and the exhibitions visited throughout the year.

The Dear Charlotte universe in 3 words?
Feminine, timeless, refined…

In your opinion, what are the 3 essential pieces of jewelry to have?
A gold bangle that goes with everything, a large ring with a fine colored stone to wear on the index or middle finger, a long necklace as a “statement piece” that adorns every outfit.

Could you tell me about your fashion and beauty icons?
I particularly like the very colorful style of Italian women who perfectly know how to mix printed pieces and the right accessories. I am thinking in particular of Viviana Volpicella and Giovanna Engelbert . For beauty, I would like to be able to age as well as Naomi Watts or have the eternal youth and features of Hailey Bieber , the new beauty icon for young people.

What are your wellness tips for living at a hundred miles an hour?
Apart from very detailed organization to manage to do everything in a single day (I still write everything down on paper), after each evening or excess, I try to have a “clean” day to recover: no coffee, no alcohol and a good book in the evening.

D+ for care, what does that mean to you?
Super food supplements that help us on a daily basis to compensate for our deficiencies, regain the “Glow” and age better.

What is your relationship to beauty? Big consumer or more minimalist?
I test a lot of new products, both for skincare and for make-up, so I'm quite a big consumer. I like discovering new brands, especially when I travel. I am more and more fond of serums that are easy to apply and which boost the complexion and I am always looking for the perfect anti-puffiness/anti-dark circles (my weak point).

If you had to keep just 1 beauty product, which one would you keep?
A tinted moisturizer that I wear all year round, winter and summer from

Finally, what would you say to a young entrepreneur who would like to get started?
Don't look at what's already being done otherwise you'll give up before you've even started... The profusion of offerings in all areas is frightening. I believe that today to succeed, beyond having a good concept and a product that stands up, you must above all be very versatile, touch everything and know how to create, communicate as well as produce... In short, "be a woman 360 degrees » ;)

Good luck to all!

Website: https://www.dearcharlotteshop.com/fr/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanessa.pcly/