The importance of physical activity

L'importance d'une activité physique
2 Min Published the 3 June 2022

Having an active lifestyle is essential to staying in shape physically but also mentally.

Indeed, moving regularly allows you to both stay healthy and improve your well-being.

But in a world where our schedules are already full, it is sometimes difficult to find time (and motivation) to practice physical activity.

Our daily lives are made easier by ever more comfort, so we are becoming more and more sedentary!

Here are some tips to make your days more active and increase your physical activity:
- Choose cycling, walking or scootering whenever you can: to do your shopping, to get to your workplace, to get to your personal activities!
- If you have children, go and pick them up from school on foot. This will also allow them to exercise and get used to walking
- On vacation by the sea? Take the opportunity to swim every day or walk along the beaches
- On vacation in the mountains? Go hiking!
- If you take public transport to get to your workplace, get off one or two stops before and continue your route on foot
- Finally, take the stairs rather than the elevator

If you are still hesitant, know that numerous studies prove that increasing your physical activity has multiple health benefits.

From a mental point of view, practicing physical activity will:
- Reduce your stress
- Improve the quality of your sleep
- Better manage anxiety
- Avoid depression
- Being in good physical condition will improve your daily actions
- Will help you quit smoking

From a physical point of view:
- Reduce the risk of lower back pain
- Protects against cardiovascular diseases
- Protects against certain cancers
- Reduces the risk of diabetes
- Maintains healthy weight
- Protects against loss of autonomy

Balancing mental and physical health is essential at D+ for care. This is why we released the Heath and body routine pack.

Our pack is composed of a sports program developed by athlete Benjamin Axus . This program will allow you to practice physical activity 3 times a week, accessible to all levels! A “conscious slimming” program developed by Diet Kate will allow you to cook seasonal products every day and find a healthy and balanced diet. Our slimming trio will also accompany this pack.

If you have set yourself goals for this summer, this pack will be the key to achieving them!

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