Icon of the month: Juliette Longuet, stylist, host and founder of JL Events

L'icône du mois : Juliette Longuet, styliste, animatrice et fondatrice de JL Events
3 Min Published the 25 January 2022

This month, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Juliette Longuet , stylist and presenter who founded her own press relations agency, JL Events , specialized in fashion and the world of luxury. Still halfway between Paris and New York, she shares with us her vision of beauty and her favorite places to take care of yourself...

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Juliette Longuet's beauty interview:

  • D+ for care, what does that mean to you?

An easy to use and effective supplement. No time or desire to take several pills in the morning.

  • What is your relationship with food supplements and how has D+ for care revolutionized it?

I've never been able to take it because I don't take any pills. The tangy lemon flavored drinkable solution is revolutionary.

  • Between us… Do you recommend D+ for care to your friends or is it your best-kept beauty secret?

I recommend it to all my friends and I even know their secret when their skin is sublime, Day+ is not far away. It contributes to the glow and well-being of cells for a more solar and joyful quotient.

  • 3 words that describe a Parisian?

A controlled nature, an ease in making people laugh and taking responsibility, an exceptional organization between work, family and outings.

  • Your favorite addresses in Paris?

The Penisula bar which transports me to another time, The Chanel spa and the Ritz swimming pool, the Brach brunch, La Chaume for the most rural bouquets of flowers, Wild&TheMoon for Smoothies and salads, the Jules Verne new restaurant in the Eiffel Tower...

  • Your flagship beauty products?

Barbara Sturm serums and creams, Chanel gold makeup remover, Clarins body tonic oil, Christophe Robin organic hair products, Bastide bathroom products...

  • Your favorite beauty gestures?

I'm quite natural when it comes to beauty but I take time to remove my makeup every evening and I apply Barbara Sturm's “blood cream” which is good for my skin. I wear very little makeup, just enough to look good and look open.

  • Worst beauty faux pas?

False eyelashes and eyebrow tattoos, I'm sorry I know a lot of women do it but I can't do it, it's unnatural for me. On the other hand, laser hair removal which changed my life, I am 100% for it.

  • And when you fall for it, what do you fall for?

Cakes, ice cream, chocolate!! I love sugar!

  • Your beauty icon?

I don't have an icon, I like all natural women who take charge. I never dreamed of being someone else, I move forward as best I can without comparing myself and above all without envy.

  • What makes you feel beautiful?

When I have impeccable hair, manicured nails and sun-kissed skin. I'm very Americanized on this subject; I can't stand "letting go" in a woman. For me, yellow teeth, roots if your hair is dyed, the unkempt side that supposedly looks chic is not me.

  • Which category of D+ for care women do you recognize yourself in?

The woman on the go, I travel a lot and my schedule is busy.

  • And finally… “Less is more” or “More the better”?

Less is more at all levels!

juliette longuet

A big thank you to Juliette Longuet for answering our questions!

To discover more about her world, follow her now on Instagram and visit website of his agency, JL Events.

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