Géraldine Guyot, founder of D’Estrëe

Géraldine Guyot, fondatrice D'Estrëe
4 Min Published the 25 January 2022

This month, the team D+ for care is delighted to introduce Géraldine Guyot, founder of D'Estrëe. D'Estrëe is a French high-end accessories brand that she founded in 2015. Her creations - hats, bags and jewelry - of timeless minimalism are iconic. Géraldine Guyot tells you about her entrepreneurial adventure in the creation of her brand. She also reveals her vision of beauty and shares her fashion favorites as well as her best Parisian addresses...

Discover the essentials for your beauty and well-being routine.

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Interview with Géraldine Guyot, founder of d’Estrëe:

Just like our founder Claire Despagne , Géraldine is one of the entrepreneurs to follow in 2020.

  • Can you describe the concept to us? d'Estrëe ?

D'estrëe is a high-end fashion accessories brand that I launched in 2015. Graphic, almost totemic accessories, with a brand of their own. I think my passion for contemporary art guides my collections. And I am often told that it shows: the way I work with color, lines and geometry. The diagonal has very quickly become an identity sign of the brand, we find it on the ribbons of our “signature” hats and of course, on the opening of our bags. I wanted structured, refined, resolutely modern bags, right down to their carry and their finishes. With their aluminum cuff, they don't go unnoticed! Another specificity of the brand lies in the added value of our associated artisans, who, in Italy, work leather like no other. Other major luxury brands call on them and it is an opportunity for us to benefit from their expertise as well as that of our Parisian milliners.

  • How did you get started on the adventure of entrepreneurship?

I got into entrepreneurship a bit on a whim. I have always been sensitive to fashion without really knowing how to approach it... Above all, I have always been fascinated by the relentless effectiveness of the accessory. Your outfit can be very simple, the accessory will always give it its character. I loved hats and I started creating pieces for myself, then very quickly for my family and friends and finally for Le Bon Marché which supported me from my first collection. After this launch, leather goods seemed like a logical step to me. What followed was a line of jewelry... Ready-to-wear is not on the agenda, but I remain open to the idea. Who knows what the future holds!

  • What are your wellness tips for living at a hundred miles an hour?

Lemon/ginger juice upon waking up. Otherwise once a week, Dynamo + pilates session with the best coach @baptistelamaison. I also recommend the “booty workout” on YouTube by @carodaur! And in the evening, a few drops of relaxing essential oils in a nice hot bath.

  • 3 words that describe a Parisian?

Elegant, effortless, refined.

  • Your favorite addresses in Paris?

Mori Yoshida, the Saint Ouen fleas, Le café de Flore, Aroma-Zone.

  • Your flagship beauty products?

My mother swears by Marseille soap. So I have been slightly conditioned since adolescence... I confess to an uninhibited non-addiction to beauty products! I moisturize my skin with sesame oil. Otherwise, I really like Avène products, especially two that I have used forever: the micellar lotion and the Hydrance cream.

  • What is your vision of fashion?

I'm more of a fan of pretty basics, timeless pieces. I prefer to bet on the accessory, which allows me more eccentricities. They allow a woman to express her personality, to assert herself, and to vary according to her mood.

  • What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

My Lucio bag. A white Totême shirt, a basic that I wear with everything. Khaite black jeans.

  • And when you fall for it, what do you fall for?

Philippe Conticini's canelés...

  • Your fashion and beauty icons?

There are a few girls that I enjoy following, like Gala Gonzalez, Blanca Miro and Leandra Medine. Without forgetting one of my best friends, Maria de la Orden and her crazy style!

  • Which category of D+ for care women do you recognize yourself in?

The woman on the go: the gesture is effective, the DAY+ stick can be taken everywhere.

  • And finally… “Less is more” or “More the better”?

Less is more!

A big thank you to Géraldine Guyot for answering our questions!

Discover his sublime creations on the website D'Estrëe as well as on the account Instagram of the brand.