Hormonal upheavals affecting our hair

Les bouleversements hormonaux agissant sur nos cheveux
1 Min Published the 15 April 2022

Our hair is dependent on our hormones and is likely to change throughout life, depending on the variations that our body undergoes. Periods, taking contraceptives, menopause, are all upheavals that will directly impact the quality of our hair. The hormones involved are in particular androgens which contribute to the acceleration of the life cycle of the hair. Exhausted, hair follicles shrink and have more difficulty producing new hair.

To compensate for this hormonal activity and its consequences, we have developed a hair duo composed of a food supplement and a non-greasy aqueous lotion , acting in synergy to boost hair growth and provide strength and shine. AnaGainTM, an active ingredient extracted from organic pea shoots, is the unique ingredient and common thread in our formulations. It helps reduce hair loss, stimulate the cells of the dermal papilla to create new hair, as well as accelerate growth.

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