How to have beautiful skin?

Comment avoir une belle peau ?
2 Min Published the 25 January 2022

To have naturally beautiful skin, a few simple steps can be applied daily and provide visible results day after day. Day+ is your new anti-aging and anti-imperfection gesture for perfect skin without makeup. It's THE well-kept secret to sporting a radiant complexion!

The Day+ treatment for naturally perfect skin

Drinking Day+ collagen allows you to fight more effectively against wrinkles and act at the source of the problem by having a targeted action on the dermis.

Indeed, the use of food supplements makes it possible to target the action on the areas to be treated in depth, acting inside the skin for better results visible on the outside.

A topical treatment (a cream) acts on the surface layer called the epidermis but does not act where wrinkles form, that is to say at the level of the dermis.

Day+ acts where wrinkles form, on the collagen fibers of the dermis.

Drinking Day+ collagen helps stimulate its production by acting on fibroblasts. Drinking Day+ collagen also helps fill in the lack of collagen that appears over time.

Once absorbed, Day+ collagen is digested by the stomach, transported throughout the body by blood vessels until it reaches the fibroblasts. It sends a message that will restart the production of collagen and elastin.

Day+ collagen will also strengthen and nourish the existing collagen fibers which have been weakened over time and help fill the gap to restore youthfulness to our skin.

Drinking Day+ collagen helps erase wrinkles and restore new youth to the skin.

Start your Day+ treatment now and admire the results on the quality of your skin day after day!

To repair the skin and act against eczema and external aggressions: Aloha Repair

Aloha Repair combines 3 wonderful oils with restorative and nourishing properties so as not to let stress mark your skin. Eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin, Aloha Repair allows you to take care of your dermis and intensively repair your skin.

OurBeauty on the go range for hydrated, plumped and luminous skin:

  • Our revolutionary Peau Douce exfoliating mask, with white clay, cranberries and grapeseed oil, gently eliminates impurities, smoothes and improves the surface of the skin to facilitate the renewal of its cells.

  • Our hydrating mask, Teint Sublimé , is a true infusion of youth, its active ingredients help to fight against the first signs of aging while providing comfort to the skin by imbuing it with intense restorative hydration. Regular use will give you immediate results on your skin: sensitivities disappear, wrinkles and fine lines fade, the skin is radiant and luminous.

  • Our unique and revolutionary patches, Regard Éclatant , deeply moisturize and activate the natural renewal of the skin in this fragile area.

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