Our tips for taking care of yourself at home

Nos astuces pour prendre soin de soi à la maison
2 Min Published the 25 January 2022

During this period of confinement, it is not always easy to keep your spirits up and stay positive. We take the opportunity to take time for ourselves with simple gestures to apply on a daily basis. Discover our tips feel good !

Cook delicious and healthy dishes

Staying at home means having the time to cook delicious, delicious, healthy homemade meals. Learn new recipes, experiment and above all, have fun. Beautiful skin diet, superfoods to eat for a immune system stronger, foods to favor for boost your memory… Find our healthy eating tips on the blog !

Do sports at home

Gentle gym, yoga, pilates, etc. It's time to discover a new sport to take care of yourself! The sublime Linda Hardy , stick fan Day+ , offers you a live muscle awakening every day on its Instagram account during confinement.

linda hardy dayplus dietary supplement

Also find sports training from our favorite sports coach Gilles Souteyrand on his Instagram account. Step by step, they explain the right actions to follow for effective training without injury. Enough to tone up to stay in shape and clear your mind!

Boost your beauty from the inside

Take care of your skin

No need to wear makeup to go out! Take the opportunity to let your skin breathe. It will only be more beautiful and brighter. Treat us to a beauty ritual like in an institute. Exfoliate your skin with the Peau Douce mask , deeply hydrate it with the Teint Sublimé mask , nourish your eye area with the Hydrogels patches and protect your lips with the Baume Coco . All for a naturally radiant complexion! Claire, the founder of D+ for care, offers you her beauty routine on IGTV on our Instagram account.

Pamper your hair

Want to find dream hair? Take the time to apply organic coconut or argan oil to your lengths. Leave on for a few hours before shampooing to find soft, strong and shiny hair.

Get a manicure at home

Your nails need love too! Sporting a perfect manicure at home is possible by following the right methodology. File your nails, polish them, leave on an oil to gently push back the cuticles. Apply a base, one or two coats of color then a top coat. Also remember to moisturize your hands well. They are too often neglected and quickly become dry due to frequent washing and the use of hydroalcoholic gels... With these few simple actions, Fairy hands to you!

To boost your beauty from the inside during confinement, adopt the Day+ drinking stick. Anti-aging, anti-imperfections. Perfect skin, dreamy hair, strong nails.

Run a bath

Taking a bath is a real moment that you can take for yourself at home, a moment of intense relaxation. When hot, it calms the nervous system, reducing the level of stress felt.

But taking care of yourself also means taking care of yourself by going to bed early. For regenerating nights and peaceful tomorrows, Dodo will be your best ally.

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