The icons of the month of November: Claire and Alix, founders of Luz Collections

Les icônes du mois de novembre : Claire et Alix, fondatrices de Luz Collections
4 Min Published the 25 January 2022


What was your background before launching your brand LUZ?

Claire: After leaving Edhec, I worked for a year for an organic and fair trade food products company, then with strong ecological convictions, I decided to create Luz Collections .

Alix: I started just after my law and management studies 8 years ago, I was just 22 years old.

What made you want to embark on the adventure? A click ? Long-term thinking?

Claire: A great desire to be an entrepreneur since I was little and following my experience in the organic food industry, the desire to create a company that makes sense and respects the planet was born.

Alix: I was quickly alerted to the environmental emergency (from 2008).

From swimwear to sportswear, including lingerie and accessories, how has Luz evolved between its creation and today?

Like a growing child! We evolved as soon as we felt capable. We have expanded our products to support our customers as much as possible in the world of committed sport.

“Eco is the new chic”, tell us more about your brand’s commitment? Your philuzophy ?

All our products are eco-responsible and produced in ethical workshops, this has been the DNA of our brand since 2011.
Our entire creation chain is ethical. We have made colossal efforts since day 1 to offer ecological packaging: biodegradable or recycled. We have always been nature lovers and very aware of the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

What is Luz's lifestyle?

La Buena onda! Smile, live, enjoy, don't take yourself seriously. Always work and be demanding. Never forget sport.
But above all, Luz's lifestyle is about illuminating and shining to attract the right people to us, make the right choices and live every second without regret.


What are the stories behind your products? (zero waste, recycling, biodegradable, packaging, etc.)

Behind each product there is a story, it is extremely important for us to create our collections while respecting our planet as much as possible. We use organic or recycled materials for our products, all made in ethical and certified workshops. We try to have the most virtuous circle possible, therefore our packaging is also eco-responsible: biodegradable, natural or recycled materials.

Luz x Justine Rojat, Luz x Leonard Paris, Luz x Jodie … What are the thoughts behind your collaborations? Personalities you adore? Values ​​that you want to carry?

Indeed our trademark is a bit of collaborations ! We love partnering with a brand or a personality to create unique collections that mix our two worlds. We put a little bit of each into these collaborations.

Since our sports launch 3 years ago, we have been looking for strong personalities in this area. This also allows us to diversify our ranges and to think of products that will coincide with the universe


Why go for two? An evidence ?

We have always been inseparable, that has always been obvious.

What are your respective positions and roles at Luz?

Alix is ​​Director of Brand Development. Claire is the Artistic and Production Director.

A taboo to break about doing business with your sister?

We get along really well! People often ask us if we have each other's buns, but we tend to be super protective of each other.

Which of you two is more?

  • Creative? Clear
  • Last minute? Alice
  • Social networks? Both (it changes depending on the period)
  • Numbers ? Clear


What advice would you give to two sisters, two friends who want to embark on an entrepreneurial project?

Be pumped up, don't be afraid of anything.

How do you cut work?

Alix: I live in the countryside so as soon as I see nature I am soothed and I switch off.

Claire: When I arrive home my son runs into my arms, my lover kisses me and it really cuts me.

If you could dress your icon, what would it be?

Our new surf wetsuits arriving in January, to die for...

What does D+ for care mean to you? Have you already adopted the brand's food supplements?

Claire: On our desk, we are addicted.

Alix: I have had dream hair since I started the DAY+ treatment.

Between us… Do you recommend D+ for care to your friends or is it your best-kept beauty secret?

We talk about it all the time and especially since we have a secret project together we talk a lot about Claire from D+ for Care.

What is your ritual every morning to stay in shape?

Claire: Big hug with my son
Alix: Water with lemon

What is your mantra for the end of the year? To stay motivated whatever happens in your life as an entrepreneur?

For each problem there is a solution.

And finally… “Less is more” or “More the better”?

Effort always pays off, so “More the better”.