What is Organic Spirulina?

Qu'est-ce que la Spiruline Bio ?
1 Min Published the 23 March 2022

What is organic spirulina?

There spirulina organic is a so-called “miraculous” algae due to its numerous virtues for health and beauty. Organic, it is available in its purest state and contains no pesticides. Thus, its quality is preserved and benefits your daily energy.

The use of organic spirulina

The beauty food supplement Day+ is enriched with organic spirulina. We also use this superfood in smoothies, juices, but also as a food supplement for a daily intake allowing you to benefit from its many benefits. Indeed, its nutritional powers are incomparable.

The health and beauty benefits of organic spirulina

There spirulina organic is rich in nutrients and vitamins. We find in this algae a concentrate of vitamins B12, K, A, C... It also contains omega 3, 6 and 9, which protect the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system and improve the quality of the skin. Organic spirulina includes zinc, potassium and iron. These minerals are excellent for perfect skin and a healthy body. Rich in chlorophyll and beta-carotene, it allows you to have a luminous complexion and a healthy glow all year round.

An anti-wrinkle ally

Detoxifying and anti-oxidant, organic spirulina prevents skin aging. Thus, it delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All for visibly younger skin. In addition, it brings freshness and radiance to the complexion. It's a real makeover for the skin.

Organic spirulina against skin imperfections

There spirulina organic detoxifies the body and helps reduce imperfections and hormonal acne. It also allows the elimination of heavy metals that can cause skin inflammation. Thus, the skin is cleansed from the inside, smoothed day after day and visibly more beautiful.

Start your organic spirulina food supplement treatment with DAY+!

This revolutionary beauty stick allows you to benefit from the benefits of spirulina combined with the anti-aging and anti-imperfection benefits of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, zinc and pomegranate. Day+ is a complete meal of nutrients and vitamins dedicated to the beauty of your skin.

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