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Qu'est-ce que la Mélisse ?
1 Min Published the 23 March 2022

What are the particularities of the lemon balm plant?

Lemon balm is a plant with small green, serrated and oval leaves. Its lemony scent is very relaxing. Its white flowers take the shape of small bells. Lemon balm is harvested in two stages: before flowering, then at the end of summer, when its stems are dried.

What are the medicinal properties of the lemon balm plant?

Lemon balm has many medicinal properties. It is recognized for its positive action in the case of nervous disorders, but also for its antispasmodic effects, like passionflower. Lemon balm also promotes good health of the heart system. Finally, it allows optimal digestion by reducing gastric acidity.

How to consume the lemon balm plant?

Lemon balm is a plant that is consumed as an infusion or as a food supplement. In food supplements, it is much more concentrated. This form allows you to make the most of its health benefits. It is also an edible plant. Its chopped leaves delicately flavor your soups and salads with its sweet lemony scent!

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