Prepare your summer with a complete and ultra-dosed sun routine!

Préparez votre été avec une routine solaire complète et ultra-dosée !
1 Min Published the 27 June 2022

Summer is fast approaching! Taking care of your skin and protecting it when the first rays of sunlight arrive is important in order to avoid burns, redness or discomfort...

We have imagined and developed a complete and enhancing In & Out solar range.

Thanks to the Sun Care Duo , adopt a routine to take care of your skin from the inside:

- The Preparing Treatment, ultra-dose capsules acting as a natural self-tanner to achieve a golden, sublimated and unified tan effortlessly.

- The Repair Treatment, a routine of precious oils to soothe, repair and hydrate your skin by fighting against imperfections and redness.

This Duo prepares your skin for the sun and repairs it from the inside for a summer in the sun with complete peace of mind.

Coupled with this duo, our new Out: the Enhancer Moisturizing Mist magnifies the softness of your skin, hydrates it and makes it sparkle thanks to its small pearly pearls. A fresh and airy caress with a feeling of second skin with the light scent of Monoï which smells like holidays.

Enhance yourself by adopting this routine designed to make you feel beautiful and radiant.

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