Signs Your Hair Needs Help!

Les signes qui montrent que vos cheveux ont besoin d'aide !
2 Min Published the 20 May 2022

Split ends, slow and difficult regrowth, appearance of dandruff, oily , dry or dull hair, difficulty combing your hair... These are all signs that your hair is damaged and needs you to take care of it. .

Why is your hair damaged? The reasons can be multiple, knowing in particular that hair is the perfect reflection of your health in general. Stress, fatigue, overwork, bad eating habits, pollution, your hair is a witness to your lifestyle, your emotions as much as your environment.

They may also have been weakened by insufficient maintenance, unsuitable hair care, an overly intense coloring and bleaching process or excessive exposure to the sun's rays.

What if we helped you understand why your hair is damaged?

There are many criteria that influence the beauty and health of your hair :

  • Hair that is difficult to comb can be the result of hair care products that do not deeply nourish the cuticles and the core of the hair. Not having the ability to retain moisture, the ends of your hair will become tangled.

  • Dry and dull hair is caused by excessive coloring, excessive drying, pollution, the sun or swimming pool products.

  • Are you losing your hair impressively? This situation is certainly a reflection of poor health of your scalp.

So, how can you sustainably improve the health and beauty of your hair?

The hair follows a rhythm of evolution which goes from its growth and its growth for a period of 3 to 6 years before regressing then falling out to be replaced by a new one.

For this process to be carried out in the best possible way, it is important to provide your body with everything essential to nourish, hydrate and optimize the growth and health of your hair.

Taking care of your hair from the inside and in a natural way is the only alternative allowing you to regain and maintain all the shine, luster, color of your hair as well as the health of your scalp .

For this, D+ for care supports you through a beauty routine composed of a food supplement specifically formulated using natural active ingredients chosen for their properties on the hair as well as a Natural and non-greasy Anti-Hair Loss Hair Lotion .

Both strengthening, regenerating, hydrating and anti-hair loss, the Hair range of D+ for care food supplements is easy to adopt as part of a one-off need or for a longer treatment to obtain lasting results and dazzling hair health.

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