Sunscreen, the essential routine for healthy skin this summer!

Solaire, la routine indispensable pour une peau saine cet été !
2 Min Published the 30 May 2022

The beautiful days have returned, the sun gives us colors and smiles, the desire to go out and make the most of its rays. Natural tanning sessions which give us a sparkling tanned complexion and which enhance our natural beauty on summer evenings.

What if you took advantage of these weeks which still separate you from naps in the sun or walks by the sea to get a head start on your summer tan while giving your skin a boost?

This is the entire promise made to you by the Solaire range of natural food supplements D+ for Care ! A solar beauty routine that is easy to implement using the highest dose formulation of food supplements on the market and which is the best ally for a perfect tan .

But then, what does the D+ for Care Solar routine consist of?

Our Sun range is based around two natural nutri-cosmetic treatments that boost, repair and prepare your skin from the inside.

The Sun Repair Treatment which comes in the form of vegetable capsules concentrated in precious organic oils selected for the benefits of their active ingredients:

- Chia oil provides all the essential nutrients for the health of the epidermis.
- Borage oil maintains skin elasticity and protects skin cells against the effects of skin aging.
- Evening primrose oil for better cellular balance.
- Tapioca for its ability to prolong the tan.

The Sun Preparing Treatment , for its part, represents a real natural alternative to self-tanning via capsules highly concentrated in natural nutrients:

- Beta-Carotene for its properties to optimize the pigmentation power of the epidermis.
- Selenium to fight against oxidative stress and neutralize the acceleration of skin aging.
- Copper which contributes to better production of melanin by the body.
- Sunflower oil which boosts collagen production and blocks free radicals.

The Solaire D+ for Care routine, how does it work?

Thanks to pill boxes that are easy to carry with you in all circumstances, the natural food supplements in the Solaire range are perfect for integrating into a daily beauty routine .

By adopting your Sun beauty routine now, a few weeks before the arrival of summer, and following a treatment of at least three months, you provide your skin with all the essential nutrients allowing it to be protected from external aggressions and prepare to stock up on this energy that it receives from the sun 's rays.

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