Slimming, the mini routine that makes the difference!

Minceur, la mini routine qui fait la différence !
2 Min Published the 31 May 2022

Summer is fast approaching and we all dream of feeling good in our bodies. To erase the little excesses of winter and find a more refined silhouette in order to enjoy tanning sessions without complexes, nothing better than resuming sporting activity and a better lifestyle .

But sometimes that's not enough! Faced with a lack of time, the various constraints of our daily lives and our personal or professional obligations, we do not optimize the chances of finding that look which reflects all our natural beauty .

What if we told you that it is possible to effectively support your desire to lose weight with a 100% natural routine?

Through our Slimming Range of natural food supplements , D+ for care revolutionizes your weight loss journey by allowing you to set up a routine that allows better regulation of your appetite and optimizes the functions of your metabolism.

How does our weight loss routine translate? Through a Slimming Trio which combines the effects of a fat burner , an appetite suppressant and a metabolism activator .

How does the D+ for care slimming routine make the difference?

Thanks to the quality of the formulation of our natural food supplements and the ease of integrating this routine into your daily life.

- The appetite suppressant which comes in the form of a portable stick that is easy to take anywhere for a green smoothie rich in fiber and protein which helps to keep your weight under control and which induces a faster feeling of satiety.

- The Fat Burner which, with two daily capsules, fights against water retention and eliminates your fat more effectively. A routine that optimizes the weight loss process thanks to the formulation of natural ingredients such as Guarana, green mate or Konjac root.

- The metabolism activator is an elixir that boosts your body, reduces your appetite and effectively mobilizes fat burning. Contained in a small, eco-responsible and easily transportable glass bottle, you always have these few beneficial drops for your metabolism on hand.

And to go even further in supporting your weight loss process, D+ for care offers you the opportunity to find a refined silhouette more quickly thanks to the draining, detoxifying and digestive action of plants through our Range of Infusions Slimming .

Thanks to the D+ for care Slimming routine , treat yourself to a calmer outlook and a healthier approach to weight loss. The Slimming Trio follows you wherever you go to allow you, in just a few months, to refine your silhouette and display that look that characterizes you.

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