5 tips to strengthen your immune system naturally

5 astuces pour renforcer son système immunitaire naturellement
4 Min Published the 25 January 2022

Strengthening your immune system is essential to staying in great shape all year round. Discover our simple actions to adopt every day to take care of your body and pamper your immune system!

Restful sleep for a stronger immune system

There quality of sleep plays a huge role in our lives. In our hectic pace of life, we often tend to forget this. During this period of confinement, we allow ourselves a few hours of sleep extra to recharge your batteries! Our immune system will naturally be boosted. In fact, the cells regenerate better when we are well rested . The body therefore fights better against unwanted bacteria and viruses. A light diet, a soothing ritual before bed, a few drops of essential oil on the pillow... Sleep is the best solution for regenerating nights and peaceful tomorrows. In spray form, very practical to transport and consume, Dodo contains carefully selected active ingredients to make it easier to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep. All without any side effects or drowsiness the next day

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Breathe well, meditate

To feel good about yourself, soothed and at the same time boost your immune system, breathing is key. To do this, you can practice abdominal breathing exercises, cardiac coherence or take the time to meditate every day for 10 minutes. Breathing promotes a feeling of calm and well-being. Furthermore, she reduces stress and sustainably strengthens the immune system. It's scientifically proven!

Play sports and let off steam

We never say it enough, it is essential to move to be in great shape . Sport liberates endorphins and provides a feeling of well-being. All while stimulating the immune defenses . Something to motivate yourself! Practice indoor physical activity by following the latest workouts from your favorite coach. Learn a new sport on Youtube like yoga where the pilates . Come on run alone in nature and let off steam! Remember to take your confinement certificate with you and avoid all contact!

Stock up on vitamins and minerals

Vitamins that boost natural defenses

The immune system needs to stock up on vitamins to produce the right antibodies and stay strong. Add fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins to your dishes! There Vitamin E is known to stimulate the immunity of the elderly. It would also protect the body from bacterial infections.

The Maitake Vitality infusion was designed to prevent infections, support and strengthen our immune system.

Among the adaptogenic plants that make it up, we find Maitake, which helps to make our body more resistant to attacks from external pathogens. It also combats stress and intense fatigue that you may be subject to.

Thanks to the vitamins C and E contained in Schisandra, another adaptogenic plant, Maitake acts on your attention and concentration skills. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system. Combined with zinc, it helps prevent or even cure a cold! For its part, vitamin D helps activate the immune defenses fighting against bacteria and viruses.

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To stimulate and strengthen the immune system, Immu in the form of a cure acts as a real shield against external aggressions while contributing to your physical well-being.

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Essential minerals to stay healthy

Minerals like zinc , the iron , the magnesium , or even selenium are essential to a strong immune system. Indeed, they are known to have a anti viral power exceptional.

Day+, your ally to strengthen the immune system

Day+ provides you every day with all the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of your immune system. It's the dietary supplement revolutionary that combines the power of the best vitamins and minerals to take care of your skin , nails And hair ... But also to stimulate and strengthen your natural defenses! The drinking stick Day+ is rich in minerals essential like the zinc and iron but also in vitamins and antioxidants powerful. It is the ideal food supplement to stay full of energy all year round. Combined with a healthy diet rich in vitamins, it strengthens your immunity day after day.

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Stay positive and keep smiling

It's proven, laugh helps boost the immune system. Laughter helps increase the body's defenses while stimulating production of antibodies . It is also well known that a good mood allows for faster healing. So why deprive yourself of it? Have fun And take care of yourself !

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