Expert Words⎮ Géraldine Decaux (Lightinderm)

Paroles d'Expertes⎮ Géraldine Decaux (Lightinderm)
1 Min Published the 7 September 2023


To mark our month dedicated to Anti-Aging, we interviewed several beauty experts.

In this anti-aging month, DAY+ takes you to meet experts.
Today Claire meets Géraldine, the founder of Lightinderm, to reveal how light can become an ally in your quest against skin aging.

Discover how to fight the signs of aging using light: that’s what Lightinderm offers.

“The antidote is always in the poison.”
- Géraldine, founder of Lightinderm

If light is often considered the number one enemy of the skin and skin aging, particularly because of the UV rays it emits, Lightinderm sheds light on a different perspective: one where light transforms into your most precious ally. anti-aging.
Composed of powerful wavelengths, the light is capable of regenerating the skin in depth. This deep action helps maintain skin cells in a state of health and longevity, for beauty that is preserved over the years.

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