Why is your metabolism stopping you from getting leaner?

Pourquoi votre métabolisme vous empêche de vous affiner ?
2 Min Published the 9 June 2022

When we talk about metabolism, we are describing the organic and natural phenomenon of the body which consists of burning calories. Depending on people, age, gender, lean body mass, genetics or gut microbiota and individual physiological conditions, metabolism differs from one individual to another so that when it is less efficient or we As we get older, it's easier to gain weight than to lose it.

There are many ways to boost our metabolism simply by adopting a better health and weight loss routine and providing your body with the nutrients allowing it to get back into optimal functioning mode.

But first of all, let's try to answer an essential question:

What is metabolism?

All actions performed by the body require burning calories. Even when we are at rest, breathing and the functioning of organs require us to produce energy and therefore use fuel: calories.

A second component of our metabolism resides in the calories necessary for the digestion of the foods we consume, some, such as proteins for example, being more energy intensive to be assimilated by our body.

Finally, what we call thermogenesis represents the calories we burn when we practice a sporting activity or the simple act of gardening or taking a walk.

What causes our metabolism to malfunction?

Several years of following more or less effective diets, giving up sports, hormonal imbalance, there are many reasons why your metabolism stops burning calories efficiently.

If you notice that, despite your efforts to resume sporting activity or to eat less, the excess pounds do not disappear, this means that your metabolism is on standby and requires a boost in order to revive it and to be able to once again enjoy a more refined silhouette.

What natural solutions to restart my metabolism?

Among our formulations of health and slimming food supplements, D+ for Care has developed a revolutionary metabolism elixir composed of natural active ingredients to “wake up” and boost your metabolism by mobilizing the assimilation of fats and reducing appetite.

By combining the benefits of the D+ for Care metabolism activator with other natural appetite-suppressing and fat-burning food supplements from the Slimming Range , you have a slimming routine that boosts your energy and fat production capacities on a daily basis. fat burning, ensuring convincing results in the short term.

A three-month treatment is ideal to allow your body to adapt and your metabolism to function at full speed again.

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