French brands that we love to discover urgently

Les marques françaises qu’on adore à découvrir d’urgence
2 Min Published the 25 January 2022

Today, we are introducing you to our favorite French brands that we have adopted! Skin care, clothing, leather goods and high-end accessories... which will perhaps also become your favorites?

Our favorite clean beauty brands


Nüssa is a French natural cosmetics brand founded by Sandrine and her husband. Each carefully selected ingredient comes from small productions of wild flower oils and natural organic active ingredients. Fresh handmade cosmetics for a clean and environmentally friendly beauty routine. Our favorite products: make-up remover oil and the detox exfoliating powder to the organic spirulina !

nussa cosmetics french brands


Alaena is a natural cosmetics brand created in Biarritz by a family passionate about well-being. Our favorites of the brand? THE eye area and the radiance serum , for an ultra effective anti-aging effect. But also the peeling with fruit acids , which gently gives new skin... Also find the Alaena SPA for a beneficial treatment ritual!


Our favorite fashion brands

Soi Paris

Soi Paris is a pretty French ready-to-wear brand founded by Aurélie and Julia, two sisters driven by the same passion for beautiful clothes. They offer superb silk shirts with regressive, light and colorful prints. To discover urgently for a vibrant Spring!

self paris

Maison Labiche

The signing of the Maison Labiche is a hand-embroidered message on the heart. Clothing and accessories for men, women and children. A personalization service is offered in the house's Parisian workshop. It allows you to create a unique piece, directly from your imagination. The ideal gift to send a message to your loved ones!

maison labiche french brands

Maria de la Orden

Maria de la Orden is the creator of the eponymous brand. She founded the brand alongside Laura De La Reveliere. The brand owes its unique identity to numerous trips between Paris, New York and Madrid. The materials are luxurious and natural. The pieces are adorned with superb colors, with original cuts and always timeless.

maria de la orden

Our favorite accessory brands


Founded by Géraldine Guyot in 2015, D'Estrëe is a Parisian luxury accessories brand. It offers sublime hats and bags with unique lines. We also find gold-plated jewelry and semi-precious stones. Their minimalist design makes an impression, for an iconic style. Find the interview with the founder Géraldine Guyot on the blog!

destree french brands

Claris Virot

Claris Virot is a luxury leather goods house founded by Clarisse in 2014. Her adventurous soul with a spirit of travel is reflected in all her resolutely stylish creations. Bags, shoes and accessories, the models are of high quality and carefully made by small Balinese artisans.

claris virot french brands


Nodaleto is a luxury shoe brand based between Paris and Los Angeles. It was founded in February 2019 by Julia Toledano. Inspired by the architecture and fashion of the 70s, the models perfectly combine minimalism and eccentricity.


We hope to have introduced you to some new gems! Please let us know your suggestions in the online chat or on Instagram . :)