Icon of the month January 2023: Marie Marot

L'icône du mois Janvier 2023 : Marie Marot
2 Min Published the 1 February 2023

What made you want to get into entrepreneurship?
It was natural, I'm convinced that it's a state of mind that you either have or don't have. It's a difficult daily life, whether it works or not, it's without a safety net, it's on you. And at the same time it's a fabulous adventure, which pushes you to surpass yourself, we also learn a lot about ourselves.

Why the shirt and where do you find your inspiration?
Most women “collect” shoes, I have always “collected” shirts since I was a teenager, cotton, denim, linen, vintage, new and lots of different brands. It's a garment in which I instantly feel good, whether worn dressed to the nines or more casual. It’s “torture” for me to wear a t-shirt ;)

I take inspiration from everything, I look at everything, what we did before and what we do now. Even if my shirts are timeless and classic, the eye and the image must remain fresh!

The Marie Marot universe in 3 words?
Timeless, desirable, feminine & masculine

In your opinion, what are the 3 essentials for a woman's wardrobe?
A shirt, jeans and a cashmere sweater – it couldn't be more feminine

Could you tell me about your fashion and beauty icons?
Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Andrée Putman, Ali McGraw, Lauren Hutton, Giovanni Agnelli, Françoise Sagan and many others…

What are your wellness tips for living at a hundred miles an hour?
Don't live at a hundred miles an hour ;) – know how to take time, time for yourself, listen to yourself. Living at a hundred miles an hour is no guarantee of productivity…

D+ for care, what does that mean to you?
Inner beauty – reverse the trend, start at the beginning, namely taking care of yourself from the inside, through diet and food supplements and not just through creams and serums. Adopt new reflexes.

What is your relationship to beauty? Big consumer or more minimalist?
Quite minimalist – I like to test new products over a minimum of 2/3 months and never too many products or supplements at the same time.

If you had to keep just 1 beauty product, which one would you keep?
Collagen sticks!

Finally, what would you say to a young entrepreneur who would like to get started?
Without hesitation I would tell him to get started, everything is possible even without baggage and without an investor.

Tell a story, create a universe, don't forget your intuition, know how to surround yourself well, have fun and show perseverance. The rest will follow…

Website: www.mariemarot.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marie_marot/