The icon of the month of March: the Faucheur sisters, MO by Faucheur

L'icône du mois de mars : les soeurs Faucheur, MO by Faucheur
2 Min Published the 27 March 2023

The MO by Faucheur universe in 3 words?
Margot: Softness, efficiency and beauty
Othilie: Blooming, depth, well-being

What is the signature treatment that would best define your world?
M&O: Our KOBIDO® massage, the Essential MO, a massage that our mother - Aline Faucheur - developed and then passed on to us. Massage which inspired us to create the Face Perfecteur Day+ ;)

What is the advice you give the most when it comes to facial care?
M&O: Use our hands, wonderful little tools, to deeply massage the face (self-massage). With suitable cosmetic products, go beyond the skin to also treat what is hidden underneath (muscles, fat, blood and lymphatic system, etc.).

What are your wellness tips for living at a hundred miles an hour?
M: Start the day by taking care of yourself: a large glass of celery root and coconut juice, 2 Repair capsules and 15 minutes in my bathroom for my beauty routine (and if I have time, 15 minutes of stretch). Take time for yourself in the morning before you are overwhelmed.
O: Take the time to wake up my body with a few stretches/yoga postures in my bed, splash my face with floral water then quickly serum/cream. Hearty meal accompanied by a smoothie for lunch and my Repair capsules. Release the pressure in the evening with a long cocooning skincare routine: double cleansing, mask, night serum, patch, pillow spray, Day+ sleep, small series or book and all that under the duvet! (The evening is
my final moment of relaxation)

What are your favorite cosmetic brands?
- Tata Harper for my day routine
- Sunday Riley for my night routine,
- GOOD GENES magic cream
- Cible Skin for its Culte cream
- Day+ for its crazy patches, lip balm and Repair Capsules.
- Tata Harper for the different stages of cleansing and the eye contour.
- Day+ for my at home spa night routine :) (night serum, patches, lip balm and masks)
and Repair every day!
- Barbara Sturm and Holidermie for serum and moisturizing day cream.

D+ for care, what does that mean to you?
M&O: radiant skin and a super glow!

Who are your fashion and beauty icons?
M: Rosie Huntington and Inès de La Fressange
O: Mother nature! Julia Roberts (and Aline Faucheur)

What is your relationship to beauty? Big consumers or more minimalists?
M&O: more and more minimalist (and more and more cutting-edge).

If you had to keep just 1 beauty product, which one would you keep?
M: Too difficult: Tata Harper facial oil, Good Genes Sunday Riley and Day+ Anti-fatigue patches
O: Too difficult indeed! But if no choice, a fresh lemony Litsee floral water. Or my clear eyebrow mascara!

Finally, what would you say to a young entrepreneur who would like to open her own institute?
M&O: That you have to be passionate, patient and interested. And knowing how to listen to people. Full love!