Food Supplements for Radiant Skin

Les Compléments Alimentaires pour une Peau Radieuse
1 Min Published the 7 September 2023

Radiant skin is not only a sign of beauty, but also an indicator of optimal health. And here, food supplements for radiant skin come into play as valuable allies.

Reasons to Opt for Food Supplements

Providing certain key elements through dietary supplements can significantly revitalize your skin's radiance. Products such as those offered on the DayPlus site offer a set of options from which it is possible to draw from to meet specific needs.

Why food supplements?
The modern diet, although diversified, does not always provide sufficient intake of all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of our body, and therefore of our skin. Food supplements can therefore help to fill these gaps.
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Types of Food Supplements

There are several types of dietary supplements that can help maintain or restore skin health. Here are some examples:

Vitamin and Mineral Complex
This is the best known category. It often contains vitamins A, C and E as well as minerals such as zinc, essential for radiant skin.

Omega 3
Omega-3s are fatty acids that contribute to the health of the skin by maintaining its hydration and fighting against inflammation.

Antioxidants fight against free radicals, responsible for premature aging of the skin. They therefore reinforce the radiance and youthfulness of the skin.

It contributes to the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Its production decreases with age, hence the importance of supplementation.

How to choose your Food Supplements?

The choice of food supplements must be made according to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to consult a health professional to help you determine them. In addition, choose quality, certified and controlled supplements. Day+ offers a wide and qualified range of food supplements for all needs.
In summary, food supplements can be valuable allies for radiant and healthy skin. Well chosen, they can help compensate for a certain number of deficiencies and combat the negative effects of time and external aggression. Remember, however, that they must be part of a healthy lifestyle to be truly effective.