Video interview: Claire Despagne, founder of D+ for care

Interview vidéo : Claire Despagne, fondatrice de D+ for care
3 Min Published the 25 January 2022

Check out the video interview with Claire Despagne , the founder of the D+ for care brand. She shares with you the manufacturing secrets of the DAY+ drinking beauty stick and talks to you about the "funky science", the brand's philosophy...

  • How was D+ for care born?

Before creating a brand of food supplements, I mainly consumed them for years. I started with skin and hair supplements. So every morning, I mixed my capsules, my tablets, my powder that I put in my smoothies... And then one day, I got tired of playing the little chemist and I wanted to create a unique solution that would be both ultra effective, practical, and pleasant to take. This is how it was born DAY+ , the first product from the D+ for care brand.

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  • How do you define the D+ for care brand?

My vision is that the most effective solutions are those that are inspired by our uses. Science must draw on our lifestyles which are more and more different, more and more demanding. And that's what we call, at D+ for care , the “funky science”! More than a well-being solution, it is an attitude, an originality, a state of mind. It is the daily alliance of the need for balance and madness.

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  • Funky or effective?

Funky obviously and above all effective. At D+ for care, we have chosen 100% transparent compositions. Our products are exclusively French and of natural origin.

  • What is nutricosmetics?

There nutricosmetics is quite simply food supplements for beauty.

  • Why is it advisable to take food supplements?

The question would above all be why deprive yourself of it!

  • What is the D+ for care lifestyle?

It’s an uninhibited, free lifestyle. We want to treat ourselves, we also want to take care of ourselves, and we want to take pleasure in taking care of ourselves.

  • The daily goal of D+ for care?

This is my favorite question! D+ for care is here to add a little magic to your daily life!

  • Suffering to be beautiful is a thing of the past, right?

I can't speak for everyone, but in any case enjoying taking food supplements is possible with D+ for care.

  • Anti-aging, from what age?

There is a first part which simply concerns prevention, and a second part which rather concerns action. What is important to know is that from the age of 25, our skin cells do not renew themselves in the same way. This is where we already have a first need for an anti-aging response. So afterwards obviously, you adapt your well-being routine and your overall cosmetic/food supplement routine, but you can start anti-aging food supplements from the start of your thirties.

  • Why reveal Benjamin Button's secret 10 years after the film's release?

That’s my Hollywood side! (laughs) For many years, I was asked what my beauty routine was, what I did to have skin of this quality, what my little secrets were... This is also what made me want to to launch D+ for care: to be able to offer all my solutions and all my little secrets in ultra innovative, clever, fun products... to the entire planet. That's why I did D+ for care.

  • How do I explain D+ for care to my friends in 30 seconds?

D+ for care, it can't be explained, it can be seen on Instagram! I invite you all to go watch and follow our Instagram account!

D+ for care is a brand of food supplements created by a woman who wants to share with the whole world the power of food supplements and the chance we have to be able to act positively on our body, our state of health. mind, energy, metabolism and the quality of your skin by taking the right nutrients, in the right quantities, of exceptional quality.

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