Icon of the month: Amalle, founder of AMAL Gallery

L'icône du mois : Amalle, fondatrice d'AMAL Gallery
3 Min Published the 25 January 2022

This month, we are delighted to meet Amalle, design enthusiast and founder of the art gallery AMAL Gallery In Lyon. She reveals her vision of beauty and her daily tips...

amal gallery lyon concept store

The beauty interview with Amalle, creator of AMAL Gallery:

  • Can you tell us about your journey leading up to the creation of AMAL Gallery?

I am married to a painter (BY! Benjamin Dupuy) and passionate about art and design. I opened a slightly offbeat and uninhibited gallery. I really wanted everyone to feel comfortable surrounded by incredible pieces and little fantasies.

  • What can you find in your concept store?

AMAL Gallery is designed like a museum store. We find very varied things in this conceptual gallery: works of art, designer lamps, tea because it is very good and the boxes are great, t-shirts created for the gallery, small chalks in Lego shape, unique bag and clothing creations, jam... As well as a food supplement, but not just any food supplement: DAY+ because it's as funky as the gallery!

  • D+ for care, what does that mean to you?

D+ for care, from the first moment I discovered it, evoked simplicity and effectiveness.

  • What is your relationship with food supplements and how has D+ for care revolutionized it?

I don't usually take food supplements. DAY+ is a first for me, a new companion full of promise. It was the idea of ​​drinking good things in a single shot that immediately won me over.

  • Between us… Do you recommend D+ for care to your friends or is it your best-kept beauty secret?

I constantly recommend it to everyone: men, women and teenagers.

  • Your favorite addresses in Lyon / when you come to Paris?

In Lyon the Apothecaries and the 2 Resto jewelry store that I really like. I like going to Lulli for clothes. In Paris, I try to tour all the possible concept stores and the Bon Marché. I like to have lunch at the Dôme du Marais or have a hamburger at the Butcher. My favorite and inspiring places in France and abroad are museums and galleries.

  • Your flagship beauty products?

The gentle exfoliant and sensational cream from Odaites (Apothecaries of the senses).

  • Your favorite beauty gestures?

A dash of natural, handmade kohl that I bring from Sefrou, a small town near Fez in Morocco and pure rose water from Morocco as well.

  • Worst beauty faux pas?

I'm not very good at makeup and I admit that I still haven't understood the principle of countless layers of foundation on the skin... And tattooed eyebrows.

  • Your very personal/bizarre beauty gesture?

I make my son laugh a lot with this but when I'm off, I slather my face with a bunch of things... My tea bag, a slice of tomato, the skin of a banana, potato peelings...

  • And when you fall for it, what do you fall for?

I often fall for clothes!

  • Your beauty icon?

Meryl Streep since I was 12 I think.

  • What makes you feel beautiful?

My husband's eyes, my son's words...

  • Having fun until late and being a priestess of beauty, it's finally compatible, right?

To be very honest when I sleep very late, in the morning it's a bit hard! Old stuff!!

  • Which category of D+ for care women do you recognize yourself in?

The woman on the go: the gesture is effective, the stick can be taken everywhere.

  • And finally… “Less is more” or “More the better”?

More the better!

amal gallery lyon

Find Amalle and food supplements DAY+ in his gallery AMAL Gallery , located at 18 rue de Sèze in Lyon!

amal gallery lyon concept store

amal gallery

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