How to stay well hydrated this summer?

Comment rester bien hydratée cet été ?
3 Min Published the 8 July 2022

Water is a vital element for human beings. It helps the body fight against toxins and heat, especially in summer. To hydrate, there are several options, including iced infusion.

Reasons to drink water regularly

Water is essential for human survival and the beauty of the skin. It is essential for the development and protection of each tissue that makes up the body. It helps in the elimination of waste and the transport of nutrients. This liquid also helps regulate body temperature through sweat. Water also participates in bone development. Note that the skeleton is made up of 22% water.

On average, the human body releases up to 2.6L of water per day. The quantity of water released varies depending on activities, pathologies, temperature and other physical and physiological parameters. This rejection occurs through stools, sweating, breathing and urine. Therefore, it is important to hydrate regularly. It is not essential to wait until you are thirsty to drink. Indeed, thirst indicates advanced dehydration.

Iced infusions, an option for hydration

It is recommended to drink mineral water, tea, coffee or other drinks to maintain the correct water content of the body. Vegetables and fruits also contain it. They help preserve health. Iced infusions are among the recommended solutions to avoid becoming dehydrated in summer. In addition to rehydrating the body, this drink provides it with nutrients. It has several other advantages, namely:

  • Low theine content: unlike hot infusion, it only releases a small amount of theine. Yang and Al's experience demonstrates this. If you infuse 3g of tea leaves in water at 4°C, they produce 11g of theine. Do you carry out the same experiment with water of 25°C? The mass of theine obtained is 20 g.
  • A more pronounced aroma.

Think about our beauty, lightness, digestive and immunity infusions to hydrate you this summer. The sweetness of their aromas as well as the power of their ingredients will allow you to have beautiful skin, better digestion, better immunity and feel lighter while hydrating yourself.

Other solutions to rehydrate

Having trouble drinking water? We recommend that you vary its flavors. In addition to frozen infusions , here are the options available to you:
  • Smoothies: you are free to prepare your drink. You have the choice between using fruit, fruit juice or milk. You can also opt for our delicious Appetite Suppressant green smoothie which will give you an optimal feeling of satiety while intensely hydrating you.
  • Tea: if you opt for this second solution, we suggest you prioritize homemade tea. So you can control its sugar content.
  • Flavored water: you can flavor your water with ginger or fruit.

Moisturizing your skin: the essential action

Throughout the year but even more so in summer, the skin is dehydrated by different factors such as the sun, pollution, cold, wind, salt water, etc. It is essential to 'moisturize daily to give it radiance and youth.

Our Perfect Skin box brings together our two essential food supplements for deeply hydrated skin: Day+ and the Repairing Treatment.

You can also complete your food supplement routine with our limited edition range of summer cosmetics, designed to intensely hydrate your skin from the outside:

  • Relaxing Eye Patches - A solution that decongests and tones the eye area to give you a refreshed look in just 15 minutes.
  • Rejuvenating Eye Patches - A solution with anti-oxidant properties that rejuvenates the eye area in just 15 minutes.
  • The Repairing Mask & Scrub - The solution that smoothes, regenerates and softens your skin by eliminating dead skin and impurities and soothing your skin.
  • The Beauty Mist - The 3 in 1 solution that hydrates, enhances and leaves a delicate MonoÏ scent in a single gesture.

To be found exclusively in our Summer Essentials Box for more beautiful skin this summer!

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