How to eliminate winter excesses?

Comment éliminer les excès de l'hiver ?
2 Min Published the 3 May 2022

Like every year, the cold and bad winter weather do not encourage you to go out or indulge in your daily walks or practice your sport. It's more about coming home to curl up in the comfort of your home as soon as you leave the office.

However, with the arrival of fine weather and the appearance of the first rays of the sun, it is time to remedy the consequences of all our excesses accumulated since autumn and throughout the winter period.

All these small deviations in our lifestyle and in our food hygiene have inevitably caused an accumulation of toxins which can cause skin problems, slight overweight, respiratory problems and other digestive problems. To put all the chances on your side and find a better shape, a more refined silhouette and greater digestive comfort, you should provide your body with the natural elements essential to its balance.

How to regain shape, vitality and slimness thanks to D+ for Care food supplements?

Fighting weight gain , regaining better muscle tone and gaining vitality are based on a general improvement in metabolism , optimization of weight loss and a healthier approach to the feeling of satiety , principles that it is advisable to combine a resumption of physical activity at the end of winter and a better balanced diet .

Using natural products provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs for cellular regeneration and overall slimming while detoxifying the digestive organs.

Integrating D+ for Care's natural food supplements into a health routine to be implemented from the first days of spring is the most effective way to achieve your goals.

The Slimming Range , which consists of a fat-burning food supplement, an appetite suppressant and a metabolism activator formulated from natural plant principles, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, is the perfect ally for a simple, easy-to- use slimming routine . install in your daily life.

How do infusions allow you to optimize the detoxification of your body?

There is in nature everything essential and indispensable to support the process of general well-being of the human body. The same goes for restoring digestive functions , draining and detoxifying the liver and kidneys as well as boosting your energy level .

It is very easy to integrate taking a hot drink, in this case a plant-based infusion , into your health routine at the start of the day, after meals or before going to bed.

The benefits of the natural ingredients of Leonotis and Rhodiola infusions on transit and digestion complete the effectiveness of your D+ for Care health routine and say goodbye, quickly, effectively and sustainably to the consequences of your little winter excesses.

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