How to recognize damaged hair and how to give it a boost?

Comment reconnaître des cheveux abîmés et comment leur donner un coup de boost ?
2 Min Published the 20 June 2022

Hair being a dead material, it is often too late when we realize their condition. However, knowing how to recognize early when our hair is suffering and damaged allows us to prevent possible more serious damage.

But then, what are the warning signs of unhealthy hair?

By paying attention to the condition of your hair , you are able to counter the harmful effects and react to regain shine, strength and radiance.

Among the clues that should alert you:

- The appearance of split ends which are in reality a sign of damage to the hair shaft and indicate that your hair has been subjected to numerous and repeated attacks. If you don't react, you risk seeing the damage spread and result in greater hair loss.

- Dry and brittle hair indicates poor health and a lack of deep hydration. Take for granted that hair that you take care of and nourish naturally is always soft and supple.

- Loss of elasticity, especially for curly or frizzy hair, is the obvious manifestation that your hair has a defect and that you must carry out deep conditioning by implementing a targeted and effective hair health routine on a regular basis .

- Dull hair which often reflects the effects of pollution, cold, stress, poor eating habits, regular wearing of headgear or even unsuitable care for your hair type.

How to boost your hair naturally?

Innately, our body possesses and produces the elements essential to maintaining good hair and scalp health, provided that we provide it with the necessary nutrients.

Our modern lifestyles too often lead us to neglect these essential nutritional intakes and replace them with industrial cosmetics that are often more harmful in the long term.

It is based on this observation that D+ for Care has chosen to develop a range of natural food supplements exclusively targeted at hair health . The Hair range consists of a solution of food supplements which accelerate hair growth and strengthen it as well as a lotion to prevent and combat hair loss.

A range of natural treatments that nourish your hair from the inside and the outside for combined effects allowing you to boost the overall health of your hair and restore all its shine and natural beauty thanks to a Duo Hair routine easy to implement on a daily basis.

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