What are the benefits of drinking collagen?

Quels sont les bienfaits du collagène à boire ?
2 Min Published the 25 January 2022

Collagen, an essential protein to stay young and healthy

THE collagen corresponds to a protein essential for the proper functioning of the body. It allows the formation of tissues present in our body: skin, bones, cartilage and other connective tissues. Taking collagen to drink is recommended for its multiple benefits on beauty and health. We explain why!

Why take collagen to drink?

The natural formation of collagen by the body decreases from the age of 25. It is at this age that the cellular aging process begins to decrease due to a gradual decrease in the body's formation of collagen. Drinking collagen helps rejuvenate the body by supplementing its natural collagen production.

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How to choose your collagen to drink?

To take collagen to drink, it is important to opt for the best quality possible in order to obtain visible results quickly, safely while doing good for your body thanks to its supply of good nutrients. Marine collagen hydrolyzate is the healthiest and best absorbed by the body.

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DAY+, the marine collagen drinking stick

Our food supplement DAY+ contains marine collagen hydrolyzate . It's here highest quality of marine collagen available on the market. It comes from fish collagen proteins. The liquid gel texture of the drinking collagen present in DAY+ allows better absorption of nutrients by the body than with capsules and tablets. Its effectiveness is recognized by experts in nutricosmetics.

In addition to collagen, the DAY+ drinking stick combines 4 other active ingredients anti-aging And anti-imperfections for a radiant complexion. There organic spirulina, hyaluronic acid, zinc and pomegranate combine their benefits with collagen to drink in an all-in-one stick. An ultra effective formula intended for the beauty of the skin , nails and hair .

Collagen to drink DAY+, beauty treatment from the inside

Collagen to drink for rejuvenated skin

Drinking collagen is one of the best food supplements anti-aging. It stimulates and complements the production of natural collagen by fibroblasts. It plumps the skin from the inside. The epidermis is naturally lifted, the complexion is brighter. The skin gains in firmness And elasticity . She is dazzling youth . In addition, drinking collagen participates in the cell regeneration process and promotes healing . The skin renews itself more quickly, freed from its imperfections . THE pigment spots also gradually diminish.

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Collagen to drink for strong hair

Take collagen to drink with DAY+ also helps strengthen your hair day after day. Collagen will moisturize the hair from the inside. Thus, the hair mass is redensified. The hair is thicker and has less breakage and fewer forks. They are visibly more soft And shiny . Finally, their flexibility allows for better hairstyles on a daily basis. It's the secret to dreamy hair!

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The health benefits of collagen to drink with DAY+

In addition to its many benefits for the skin and hair, drinking collagen present in DAY+ is also known for its health benefits. In fact, it allows to strenghten THE bone and the cartilage by boosting the natural production of collagen. Drinking collagen is very good for joints and is recommended by doctors.

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