How to adapt your beauty routine to your menstrual cycle?

Comment adapter sa routine beauté à son cycle menstruel ?
4 Min Published the 25 January 2022

The beauty of the skin varies depending on the female cycles. Sometimes more sensitive, sometimes drier or oilier, presenting imperfections... The skin witnesses constant changes for which you need to adapt your beauty routine. Discover our tips for enhance your skin according to your needs at each period of your menstrual cycle!

Understanding your menstrual cycle to better adapt your beauty routine

The menstrual cycle evolves continuously during 4 weeks , with an average duration of 28 days. Each period modifies the appearance of the skin depending on the hormonal balance and its fluctuations. Two hormones vary depending on the period of the cycle: estrogen And progesterone . They have a direct impact on the quality of the skin. For a perfect complexion throughout its cycle, it is therefore necessary know your cycle by adapting your skin care. Every week its concerns And beauty goals !

Start of menstrual cycle: week 1

To understand : The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of menstruation. At the start of the cycle, the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are low. The skin is then more sensitive and reactive. The complexion is sometimes dull due to a slowdown in blood circulation.

Act: For soothed skin, you must use gentle care and avoid any skin aggression with overly abrasive scrubs. Pamper your skin with ultra-soothing hydrating masks like our sublimated complexion hydrating mask . The same week, we also apply our exfoliating mask , which will detoxify the skin and cleanse it deeply. Our mask purifies oily skin with or without imperfections. In case of dull complexion, the moisturizing and exfoliating mask duo boost radiance.

Week 2: Pre-ovulatory week

To understand : We see an increase in estrogen production until it peaks during ovulation, around the 14th day of the cycle. Thanks to this high level of estrogen in the blood, the skin is naturally hydrated. Blood circulation is boosted, the skin is better irrigated, promoting a brighter complexion. Estrogens play a major role in youthful, hydrated and plump skin. In fact, they boost the fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin by the body. Collagen provides suppleness and elasticity of the skin, while hyaluronic acid provides optimal natural hydration of the skin.

Act: Nutrition and gentle exfoliation are the key words for having beautiful skin during this phase of the menstrual cycle. We continue the cocooning beauty ritual by exfoliating our skin with our 99.4% natural exfoliating mask with white clay, cranberries and grapeseed oil. After exfoliation, apply our sublimated hydrating complexion mask. When you wake up, the skin is smoothed, plumped and the complexion is luminous!

Week 3: Post-ovulatory week

To understand : Estrogen levels decrease to give way to a spike in progesterone. This hormone stimulates the production of sebum and can make the skin oily, with a tendency to shine.

Act: It is then necessary to regulate sebum production using a mattifying, sebum-regulating cream. Hydration is particularly important during this phase of the cycle. This avoids the overproduction of sebum and the obstruction of pores, the cause of imperfections. In addition, we opt for our exfoliating mask. Its exfoliating action removes imperfections and gently refines the skin's texture .

Week 4: Pre-menstrual period

To understand : The week before your period, there is a drop in progesterone. The skin is more prone to imperfections.

Act: It remains important to continue to mattify the skin. We can use the same anti-imperfection products as in week 3. During this premenstrual period, we also carry out an exfoliation to refine the skin texture. Zinc supplementation present in Day+ and in Inher is particularly interesting as zinc purifies the skin and regulates sebum production. In addition, zinc fights against bacteria that cause skin blemishes and hormonal acne. The Day+ drinking stick includes 15mg of zinc to reduce inflammation and effectively reduce blemishes.

Our food supplements play an essential role in regulating your hormonal acne.

Inher: our food supplement for periods

Inher is your food supplement that helps you better cope with your periods and the premenstrual syndromes linked to their arrival. The ideal ally to regain comfort by reducing pain, regulating your hormonal activity, and improving digestion. Inher also acts on the beauty of your skin and hair during your period.

Inher promotes healthy skin and silky hair by reducing excess sebum, thus eliminating imperfections linked to the arrival of periods. Discover our hair range .

The Repair Treatment

The Repair Treatment is a food supplement concentrated in precious oils to repair the skin and reduce imperfections.

Thanks to its oil complex, Le Soin Réparateur is a food supplement designed for sensitive skin and hormonal acne.

Day+ for dream skin throughout your menstrual cycle

Day+ is your perfect skin ally every day. Every day, it provides you with all the necessary nutrients. Marine collagen, organic spirulina, hyaluronic acid, zinc and pomegranate. The best active ingredients for beautiful skin combined in an ultra-effective drinking stick. All for rejuvenated skin, intensely hydrated and plumped from the inside. The skin is purified, free of imperfections and hormonal acne . The complexion visibly fresher and luminous.

Start your treatment!

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