What sporting activity is right for you?

Quelle activité sportive est faite pour vous ?
1 Min Published the 9 June 2022

Adopted by some, feared by others, sport is essential and must be integrated into our daily lives!

In addition to the many benefits on physical health, sport has a direct impact on mental health: it notably improves our concentration but also our immune system.

Practicing physical activity will also allow you to find balance.

But we always have to find the sport that suits us!

We have listed different ways to do physical activity, you just have to choose the right one:


For you, sport means fun alone or with friends. If adrenaline and/or mutual aid stimulates you, focus on extreme sports like skiing, surfing, climbing or team sports like football, basketball, volleyball.


Do you like to set goals and surpass yourself? In a sport, are you looking for endurance and/or strength? Then running, cycling, tennis and boxing will be for you if you want your energy and your performance to become one. Little tips: we recommend HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training if you are short on time (around twenty minutes will be enough.


Stressed by nature, you want to let go. For you, being good in your body is also being good in your mind without too much effort. Favor gentle sports: yoga, pilates, exercise bike, walking. To practice in the office, at home, indoors or outdoors, no more excuses to block a slot.

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